Through-life monitoring & management for the Typhoon Community

Tool overview: what is the Typhoon Supply Database?

TSD supports the Typhoon Availability Service contract across the international partner network. It provides a complete toolkit that monitors and manages demand for equipment, manpower & any queries from the network.

Business benefits

Typhoon have found a number of benefits from our through-life monitoring and management tool, with these benefits easily translatable across to other platforms.

Top benefits

* Provide complete transparency – demands are tracked throughout their lifecycle outside the Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) contract.

  • Allow UK users to track demand progress through NETMA and Eurofighter agencies.
  • Facilitate demands processed externally to the TAS contract that involve verification & authorisation from partner nations to be agreed remotely via an electronic signature mechanism.
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    The technical features

    - A bespoke system used by Typhoon to track demands processed across the partner nations where collaboration & pan-fleet solutions are available.

  • Can be configured for other systems.
  • Directly links to the CADPS database in Europe for up-to-date reporting and results.
  • - Scheduled exports & imports of data to CADPS.

  • Utilised across the MoD (DII) & industry platforms (BAe Greenlink).
  • Accommodates various iterations of Microsoft Windows.
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