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Tool overview: what will Resolve solve for me?

Equipment issues that affect airworthiness, safety and through-life engineering can often be difficult to manage, especially when those issues are held across a range of platforms from local area databases to emails and hard copies.

Such systems struggle to provide project teams with a cohesive picture of key issues and their actions, and also makes prioritisation difficult.

We developed Resolve in partnership with DE&S to enable clear Ownership, Categorisation and Progression of issues across platform, cluster and inter-cluster domains promoting ‘Best Practice’ and complete management of all issues from initial recording through to resolution.

Key benefits

  • Gives a single source of reference with a transparent view of all actions and tasks relating to key issues
  • Links all supporting documentation, decisions and also associated issues
  • Improve corporate knowledge by retaining Technical and Operational Issue data and information
  • Help teams to effectively manage and mitigate any potential key risks
  • Ensure a consistent approach to issue management and resolution
  • Present easily accessible management information to help individuals and teams to make informed timely decisions throughout the issue management process.
  • Show what needs to be done and by whom, in order to get priority issues resolved.
  • Present a complete audit trail. Easily track the notes, evidence, documents and communications that accompany each step in the issue management process.

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The technical features

  • Role-Based Access and Control for secure & simple to use accessibility
  • Hosted on the RLI and is compliant with MoD Network policy and procedures including JSP 440 - Security Standards
  • Web-enabled, allowing remote access across local intranets, and where permitted the internet.
  • Collaborative architecture with configurable workflow
  • MAA compliant processes

  • Designed to meet National Archive Standards in particular BS10008 and ISO 27001
  • Digital signatures to enable timely progression of issues
  • Structured Data Feeds via Web Services or Assured Messaging to enable integration with other third-party tools
  • Comprehensive configurable management reports
  • Comprehensive ‘Google style’ search
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