Post-Sortie Database

Your effective post mission data capture solution to manage system performance for a safe and reliable fleet

Tool overview: what will the Post-Sortie Database solve for me?

Designed by pilots for pilots, the Post Sortie Database was developed in specific partnership with DE&S to capture, manage and analyse key system performance management information

Ensuring the succinct capture of key post mission data is critical to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the fleet. PSD captures post mission data quickly and efficiently to then exploit at the operational and support levels through to industry to improve and increase system reliability and availability.

PSD with both engineering and operational state-boards is fully deployable to support operations in all environments, thus ensuring post mission data is effectively recorded at the time of use to be used for analysis and measurement at a later date.

Key benefits

* High visibility across roles, departments and systems

  • Single tool to capture key operational data and information - ability to rate equipment performance, share feedback and comments, and score the mission overall in one sitting
  • Near real-time awareness of operational effectiveness and current capabilities regardless of the disparate location of command centres
  • Fully-deployable into the field
  • Comprehensive display of service and operational information to inform user decisions and direction
  • Enables informed decision making for system enhancements from the performance trends to improve availability and mission reliability
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    The technical features

    - Roll Based Access and Control for secure & simple to use accessibility

  • Approved by and hosted on the RLI
  • Compliant with MoD Network policy and procedures including JSP 440 - Security Standards
  • Web-based enabling remote access across local intranets.
  • Collaborative architecture with configurable workflow and process
  • - Designed to meet National Archive Standards in particular BS10008 and ISO 27001

  • Structured Data Feeds via Web Services or Assured Messaging to enable integration with other third-party tools
  • Comprehensive configurable management reports
  • Comprehensive ‘Google style’ search
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