Manage your in-service capability and availability requirements

Tool overview: what will Derive solve for me?

Derive was originally developed with a major DE&S Project Team to support the direct capture from operators key in-service requirements and to track individual system requirements in order to deliver better capability to meet operation demands. Derive now ensures the management and sustainment of capability is as efficient as possible by enabling the capture, prioritization, organization and grouping of requirements right to the point of embodiment.

The ability to group and forecast new requirement embodiment deems it an invaluable management tool for capability and systems output planning, particularly when linked with our financial management tools. Linking grouped requirements with the financial commitment now offers comparable cost of capability upgrades.

Key benefits

* Capture the “in-service” capability needs direct from system users and package these into a set of individual requirements

  • Progression and tracking of requirements from initial concept through to embodiment
  • Tracks the tactical embodiment of strategic capability
  • Provides a single view of all requirements to inform decisions regarding priority and funding
  • Enables forecasting for the deployment schedule for new capability
  • Delivers a complete audit trail for each requirement
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    The technical features

    - Role-Based Access and Control for secure & simple to use accessibility

  • Approved by and hosted on the RLI and is compliant with MoD Network policy and procedures including JSP 440 - Security Standards
  • Web-enabled, allowing remote access across local intranets, and where permitted the internet.
  • Collaborative architecture with configurable workflow
  • Designed to meet National Archive Standards in particular BS10008 and ISO 27001
  • - Digital signatures to enable timely progression of issues

  • Structured Data Feeds via Web Services or Assured Messaging to enable integration with other third-party tools
  • Comprehensive configurable management reports
  • Comprehensive ‘Google style’ search
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