Damage and Repair Tracker

A popular consultancy and software solution

Your entire system’s damage and repair can be recorded and tracked in a single location by multiple users, with Damage and Repair Tracker (DaRT). This includes tracking work on the system’s associated removable parts, which may previously have been overlooked, due to the disparate nature in which damage and repairs were recorded.
DaRT is configurable to suit the way you, your system and your processes work. Users are able to record damage and repair on pictorial views of the system, against absolute or relative datum.
The associated workflow ensures you can capture the procedure for recording damage and repair, whilst tracking progress, monitoring timelines, removing blockages and adopting efficiencies.

Who is behind DaRT?

Since 2008, the team at tlmNexus has been collaborating with the defence sector to solve issues using informed consultancy and easy-to-use software. Our experience of being in the customers’ shoes means we understand the vital need for compliance, accountability and transparency when managing these high-value, and often high-risk projects. We have now built a series of trusted software foundations which may be used separately and in combinations, to support long-term complex projects from inception and procurement, through running the project, to its decommissioning.

Business benefits gained with DaRT

• Saves time and improves decision-making by showing users nearby damage and repairs enabling impact assessment of any new damage or repair
• Mitigates risk by identifying clusters of damage (hotspots) across the whole system fleet, partial fleet, or to an individual part number/asset.
• Provides transparency for internal and external collaborators, regardless of location, by providing access to supporting documentation, asset history and decisions made
• Trend analysis, safety assessment and longer-term system improvements are enhanced when DaRT is linked to other tlmNexus or 3rd party applications
• Output will support mandated processes including Integrity Working Groups, Ageing Aircraft Audits and Life Extension programmes

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