Mission Effectiveness of Capability

Keeping control of your fleet.

We’ve brought together wide-ranging industry experience and operational expertise from business analysts to former front-line aircrew which gives us an insight to how operators work and think. This, along with our close relationship with current operators enables us to have an in depth understanding of the domain and implement the simplest and least intrusive approach to capture crucial operator feedback to improve availability and operational effectiveness.

Our core team design and implement tools that allow your performance, mission reliability and effectiveness to be measured and analysed with minimal effort, supporting the continual reassessment of your core capability over time. We help capture and translate operator opinions and observations into valuable information for a clear, real-time picture of the way your systems perform, whilst our analytics can provide support to your engineering functions to determine trends in equipment quality and performance which can be used by engineers, including support and design engineers to increase the availability and operational effectiveness of equipment.

The result is informed decision making, improved capability and, ultimately, increased systems output.

Business benefits

Top benefits

* Harness vital operator observations and analysis for system enhancements and performance trends

  • Simple and efficient approach to capture key information in a single repository.
  • Display near real-time analysis to a wide community of users without burdening individual operators with laborious work processes
  • Performance analysis and reporting by mission type, operator, system breakdown, and system variant.
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