Equipment Issues and Safety

A golden thread of information from inception to resolution to manage your through-life issues.

With a team of engineers, including former LOA holders from across the defence sector, and software experts, we have a proven track record of helping customers streamline complex engineering, airworthiness and safety work processes, saving operator time, project money and providing a single point of truth for decision making and mitigation. Our experience from being in the customers’ shoes means we understand the vital need for compliance, accountability and transparency, and can help work this into your day-to-day issue management processes with minimal disruption.

Having a golden thread of truth along with all supporting documents and decisions throughout your engineering, airworthiness and safety processes is critical, enabling potential future risks to be mitigated, regardless of the disparate or contractual locations of team members.

Business benefits

* Transparency across roles and departments throughout the entire process

  • Ability to access issues and all supporting documentation regardless of personnel location
  • Issues can be linked to enable better systems management and trend analysis
  • Audit trail showing history of decisions made and justifications, and mitigation of any risk
  • Supports specific and over-arching compliance and policies
  • Ready to find out how Equipment Issues and Safety can work for you?