Capability Requirements and Acceptance

We have the experience and tools to take your requirements and turn them into capability.

We draw on a wealth of experience from a range of backgrounds – from former MoD requirement managers, LOA holders and front line personnel – to provide a depth of experience in how to capture and manage your in-service requirements to enable efficient and effective embodiment.

Our tools provide a single point of truth to ensure your stakeholder community, from operator to designer, is aligned with the requirement and that the requirement is aligned with the appropriate budget and investment decision; ensuring requirements are turned into capability.

As well as enabling a coherent view throughout the requirements process for real-time systems reporting, our Capability Managers will help configure the tools to help identify the drivers for progression and prioritisation to ensure you make timely and informed decisions on what to spend and where to focus your efforts and resources.

Business benefits

* Single end-to-end management of requirements from capture, progression, prioritisation to embodiment

  • Requirements captured in a compliant agreed format
  • Clear and auditable prioritisation of requirements
  • Requirement grouping to ensure efficient and timely embodiment
  • Identified through-life costs of capability
  • User collaboration throughout the process against agreed objectives
  • Ready to find out how Capability Requirements and Acceptance can work for you?