Making the
complex simple

Streamlining capabilities for stronger, more efficient teams

Managed through-life services and tools for the defence sector

We solve through-life acquisition and support management issues for the Defence sector, supporting their teams to work strategically, collaboratively and effectively to maintain and streamline the delivery of military capability.

Our embedded personnel and web-based tools align people, processes and information, to bring better value for money, work-flow efficiency and water-tight compliance.

Our people are your people

Our knowledge and expertise comes from within; with our founders being made up of both ex-military personnel and technology industry leaders, along with a wealth of experience across the company from the defence sector, we have a first-hand understanding from being in the customers’ shoes.

It’s our shared experiences, first-hand knowledge of the sector and deep understanding of how it operates that allows us to know what’s needed, when and how.

By combining forces we aim to make the complex simple by streamlining the delivery of defence capabilities and build a stronger, more efficient team to meet today’s challenges.

How we work

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with customers and industry partners which comes from years of working side-by-side.

We align people, processes and technology to integrate and sustain more effective military capability, from shop floor to front line to achieve increased productivity and deliver real value for money.

Our combination of first-hand defence experience and pioneering technology expertise has won us long-term contracts with some of the most prevalent defence projects in the UK.

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Where we operate

We’re a UK organisation with a global reach.

Our headquarters are located in Brighton - a city rapidly building a reputation as a leading tech hub - with team members stationed across the country.

Wherever there’s a defence presence, we are able to help.

What's our story?

We began from the inside with two of our founders serving together as military engineers. The idea of through-life management was emerging as a force for good but was frequently paper-based and disjointed; they both recognised that to improve the availability of front line fleets the management of various processes needed to dramatically change to ensure efficient delivery of defence capability.

Upon completion of their service, they set out on a new journey determined to maximise the benefits from through-life thinking. This led them to DE&S HQ where they worked with the Typhoon Integrated Project Team to jointly develop our first game-changing product, Foresight, and from there went on to develop further acquisition and support services and tools.

Then known as TLM Solutions, they joined forces with a leading technology company in 2007, Nexus Internet Solutions, a company pioneering the early benefits of using web-based applications to increase business performances, and so formed tlmNEXUS.

Today, we have a reputation within the Defence sector for bringing the best people, services and technologies together to pragmatically solve complex information problems and transform the way organisations work and deliver.

We may have grown in size, but our original founders continue to lead us forward. We’re proud to maintain our small-business approach; providing us with an open, agile, collaborative culture that allows us to continually innovate, harness new technologies and best practices, and stay close to our customers and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

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