Designed to fit

Designed by industry experts, our suite of tools cover all your acquisition and support programme needs

Technology and Expertise

Tools designed to support the business of through-life acquisition and support. Organised around four key through-life functional areas that span the entire cycle of acquisition and support: Requirements, Resources, Delivery and Employed Capability.

The Tools

Through-life acquisition and support management

We've developed an integrated suite of tools which can talk to each other seamlessly, whilst each individual tool is configurable to meet specific business needs to ensure the maximum localised benefit for the user and project.

The tools in each area have been designed to encourage end-to-end project collaboration, meet stringent compliance and governance requirements, and to meet collective performance-cost-time objectives.

Technology & expertise

Each individual tool has been designed in collaboration with current operators to ensure it is perfectly suited to your needs. This means an intuitive user interface, streamlined processes and appropriate compliance and governance built in.


Collaborative management of all equipment issues and safety assessments; with a clear and complete record of key decisions and information from initial capture, through the investigation phase, to final resolution, with all supporting documentation.


Enabling end-to-end management of business cases and investment appraisals, from initial creation to final sign-off and post project evaluation


Empowering project managers to be in complete control of financial data and make more informed budgetary decisions.


A task management system enabling support staff to raise technical/engineering tasks, gain budget approval and place a task and track progress directly with their suppliers.


A supply and repair ordering system enabling support staff to raise and monitor supply and repair orders, including tracking costs and demand rates, directly with their suppliers.

Post-Sortie Database

Capture, manage and analyse key system performance information, giving feedback to the equipment supplier and support functions to ensure equipment fitness allowing continual operational demands to be met.


Capturing in-service requirements and allowing capability and systems change decisions to be made quickly and effectively.


Your entire system's damage and repair can be recorded and tracked in a single location by multiple users, with Damage and Repair Tracker (DaRT).

Our software teams' expertise

Our teams are experts in a wide range of skills. Our teams have skills in:

Business and Systems Analysts

Our Analysts ensure we have in-depth understanding of your requirements and enable true collaboration.

Face-to-face meetings, workshops and UML, Lean & Agile techniques, deliver accurately documented requirements that both you and our development team understand.

Amongst all this activity, our Analysts also carry out estimating, planning, risk management and support the development and realization of requirement led solutions.

Systems Architects

Our Architects are masters of designing elegantly organised and highly adaptable systems; recognising that software robustness, scalability and extensibility is crucial to successful ongoing delivery – both in terms of timeliness and quality.

Our Architects work with you, our sales, analysts and developers to understand your business vision or roadmap, applying the appropriate architectural principles, technologies and techniques to achieve flawless architecture

Our technology expertise

Our software experts come from a wide range of sectors and leading tech companies. This depth and breadth of knowledge in the technology field, coupled with a wealth of experience from key sectors, means we’re always using industry best practices and cutting-edge technology.

Our accreditations

Secure IT solutions are of the upmost importance to tlmNEXUS and our customers. We are proud and active members of CiSP, are regularly contributors and believe in sharing Cyber Threat information with our industry partners. We also well versed in delivering solutions that meet all the requirements set out in the SPF (Security Policy Framework).

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